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Capturing the Real You

The Experience

Home Decorations

Lifestyle sessions outdoors or in the comfort of your home.

Do you and your family have a favorite local place to go, or hike, or just hang out?

Your photo session is about YOU.  If your living room or backyard is your

happy place, that's great, too!  And please, bring the kids, bring the pets, bring props.  Your photoshoot should reflect who you are and what you love.

How it Works

How it Works

Step 1

Getting comfortable

Let's meet for coffee or a sweet tea and we can talk all about what you'd like your photographic experience to include.  We'll talk about what to wear and what to bring.  We can talk about location and time of day.  Now's the time to ask me anything at all about our time together! 

Step 2

Being your beautiful selves

We meet at the site.  We have a TON of fun doing everything from the sublime to the ridiculous.  Remember, we're trying to make lifelong memories.  Be yourselves and have a good time!


Step 3

Editing your photos

Once I get back to my computer, I make sure that each image is carefully edited, retouched, and

made ready for you.  

Step 4

Choosing memories to treasure

Once all of your photos have been edited, they will go onto an online gallery for you to view.  There, you can decide which of the images you'd like to have on your walls (or on grandma's walls).  Then we can meet again to talk about options.  You will receive a drive with all edited images saved in a size suitable for small prints and sharing online.


Mini Session

Standard Session

Deluxe Session

  • 30-minute session

  • All edited images delivered to you

  • Online gallery

  • Printing rights

  • 10% discount on prints and products


  • 60-minute session

  • All edited images delivered to you

  • Online gallery

  • Printing rights

  • 10% discount on prints and products


  • 90-minute session

  • All edited images delivered to you

  • Online gallery

  • Printing rights

  • 20% discount on prints and products



How do I schedule a photoshoot with you?

Can we include pets or props?

Just fill out the Contact form which goes directly to my

email, or you can message me on Facebook or Instagram.

I'll message you or call you as quickly as possible!

Can you recommend locations for
our photoshoot?

The more the merrier!!  This is all about you!  Pets are such a huge part of the family.  Please feel free to bring them.  (Please note that sometimes "pet wrangling" chews up time.)  We'll talk about how to do the pet thing when we have our first meeting.

The location for your shoot is up to you. There are a lot

of parks and open spaces in the area.  Also, the downtown

area has a TON of interesting places to shoot.  I'm easy!

Discuss amongst yourselves, and select a spot that

speaks to your personalities.

How can we prepare to make the most of our
photography session?

Make sure your wardrobe is set ahead of time.  Bring hair brushes and baby wipes.  Get plenty of rest.  Don't forget to bring your smiles!

How long does a typical photo session last?

Depending on the package you select, we'll spend

from 30-90 minutes together.  There's no pressure, though.

We'll just have fun!

How long until we receive our final photos?

Final edited images are usually available to view

online within 2 weeks, but I'm also anxious to see

the finished products, so I work really hard to get

things ready as soon as possible! 

What happens if the weather is unfavorable
on the day of our photoshoot?

The weather can (and will) change on a whim.

We'll generally know a day or so ahead of time and we

may be able to change locations (like go indoors).  We can

always reschedule if things go sideways on us.

What should we wear for our photoshoot?

In general, try to avoid stripes, tight patterns, and really bright colors.  Also, blacks and whites

don't photograph very well. Natural tones

usually work the best. Be yourselves!

One other note on preparing.  If you can, try to have a loose

general idea of the type of shoot you are going for.

I always recommend going on Pinterest for ideas.

Bring some of those ideas with you when we meet.

But let's be careful.  It's nearly impossible to recreate Thriller.

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